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Feelfelt takes orders at our show rooms, per email, online order form, letter and telephone.


1. Placing the order: Confirm that the desired product is available. You can also order custom made products. Once your order is placed, a 50% deposit for the total is due.


2. After placing the order: You are committed to purchase the product(s). The deposit will be forfeited if you withdraw from the purchase agreement. You are only allowed to withdraw from the agreement if the ordered item cannot be delivered within four (4) months. In this case, withdrawal applies only to delayed delivery of the ordered item. All other reasons do not constitute a refund of the deposit.


3. Delivery time: For custom products, delivery time begins with your 50% deposit of the purchase price and will take a maximum of four (4) months. If a delivery through Feelfelt is unable to be made, the deposit will be refunded within a maximum of 30 days after the delivery deadline. Feelfelt assumes no liability for loss or damage incurred as a result of the delay in delivery.


4. Delivery: Delivery is per mail or courier and is not insured. Shipping charges are to be paid by you. Advance payments made by Feelfelt will be invoiced to you.


5. Inspection of item: The purchase agreement is complete when you receive the ordered item. You are to inspect the item upon receipt. If there are defects, you must inform Feelfelt within three (3) working days from receiving the order. If the product does not match the order, Feelfelt will refund the full purchase price. If you fail to notify Feelfelt of defects, the item will be deemed as approved. Any liability for consequential loss or damage (including product liability) is expressly waived. Applicable, are clauses from Art. 201 OR (Switzerland). When inspecting your Feelfelt products, keep in mind that they are unique pieces individually crafted by hand. Slight abnormalities in the design pieces are unavoidable. Any color difference between those portrayed on the computer screen and the real product is technical and cannot be avoided. A tolerance of +/– 5% in product size – and in price – is to be expected.


6. Jurisdiction: Feelfelt is located in Bern, Switzerland. Feelfelt is also entitled to prosecute the buyer in his/her domicile. The legal relationship is subject to Swiss Law. 

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