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At every step in the creation of Shyrdaks we employ only the highest quality of materials and superb workmanship. 


1 We are regularly in Kyrgyzstan to meet our Shyrdak masters and maximize the quality of our Shyrdaks.


2 We select the best wool to produce a felt that is as hardwearing as it is soft.


3 We provide our Feelfelt Partners environmentally friendly and light-resistant Swiss dyes that contain no toxic substances.


4 Feelfelt products follow the strict guidelines of the label for fair trade carpets Label STEP.


5 In Switzerland, our products are sent to a specialist company for gentle cleaning with neutral soap, as well as a treatment providing PROTECTION FROM MOTH INFESTATION. In this way they lose the typical odor of wool fat and acquire a pleasant smell.


6 Proceeds from the Shyrdaks are given directly to our Feelfelt Partners. No middleman is ever involved. The Fair Trade conditions and the making of our Shyrdaks enable these families to maintain their traditional seminomadic lifestyle.


7 Because we are close by, we are always easy to reach – you can test our products and contact us at your convenience. 

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