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We are regularly in Kyrgyzstan to meet our Shyrdak masters and maximize the quality of our Shyrdaks. We provide our Feelfelt Partners environmentally friendly and light-resistant Swiss dyes. Proceeds from the Shyrdaks are given directly to our Feelfelt Partners. No middleman is ever involved. The making of our Shyrdaks allows these families to maintain their traditional seminomadic lifestyle.


Feelfelt is a Verified member of Label STEP, the fair trade label for carpets. We are committed to:

  • promote good work conditions and ensure fair wholesale prices and wages

  • enforce children’s rights

  • produce environmentally friendly Shyrdaks

  • independant controls of the living conditions.


Our showroom in Bern, Switzerland is small, but sweet. We keep our premises as simple as possible. As a result, our Shyrdak masters receive the maximum amount possible. 

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