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Felting is one of the oldest textile technologies in the world. Felt is produced when wool fibres are intertwined with friction and water to make the fabric. Shyrdak Masters trace their designs onto it, and cut them out. The cut-out form is then placed onto its counterpart and sewn together with a "double plaited stitch". Once all designs are sewn, they are quilted onto a large piece of plain felt. This creates a soft, thick and warm carpet of the highest quality.

Shyrdaks are environmentally sustainable products that are produced from a renewable resource, wool. They serve a wealth of practical purposes. Felt hinders the effects of noise and cold, provides protection from electromagnetic smog and is stain resistant due to lanolin, a natural fat found in wool.

Each Shyrdak is made entirely by hand. The work is carried out in small groups of Shyrdak Masters who tell their stories as they felt and sew. During the summer, when the Kyrgyzs live on the pastures of the mountain steps, Shyrdaks lay and hang in the yurts, the original nomadic homes. They serve as aesthetically pleasing protection against the natural elements. Shyrdaks are also found in the permanent homes. Thanks to Feelfelt, Shyrdaks have been in European homes since 2007. 

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